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We are no longer making the Q2 Learning System.
Institute for Human Resources: Q2 Learning presents "The Role of Learning in Talent Management: Key Integration Points"


In this one hour webinar we will be sharing a real-world example from a major Bay Area company detailing what is involved in evolving from a very successful belly-to-belly, high-touch, high-potential leadership development into a scalable technology-enabled (delivered via a social learning platform), high-touch high-potential flawlessly executed leadership development process.

We will be talking about:

  1. The business case for the Talent Management Initiative
  2. The critical success factors/design requirements for success
  3. The variety of restraints that need to be reconciled to realize the potential of the initiative
  4. The concepts, strategies and methods employed in the overall solution.

At the end of this webinar you will:

Session Date: February 11, 2011

Session Time: 2:45 p.m. EST

Cost: Free


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