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We are no longer making the Q2 Learning System.

Learning Plan

Learners quickly see all courses they are required to take, plus those they have opted to enroll in, in one place. Once logged in, they can take a desired course with one click. What could be simpler?


A personalized, searchable catalog shows all courses available for the learner to enroll in, based on their organization role or group membership. If required, learners can request enrollment permission, and then move the course to their learning plan with one click.


The transcript shows the learner all completed courses, and allows them to print certificates or the entire transcript.


Learners receive email notifications when activities are due, and can export classes and web meetings to their Outlook calendar.

On the Job or On the Road

Learners can access courses behind your firewall, on their home computer, or on the road on their android tablet or iPad. A native app allows them to take SCORM courses even when not connected to the Internet.

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