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We are no longer making the Q2 Learning System.

Administrator Dashboard

The dashboard provides a central place to manage learners, monitor utilization, run reports, and control. Assign courses and grant permission for learners to self enroll, or use the simple yet powerful "set it and forget it" rules engine to automatically assign courses to learners based on their role.

Other Dashboards

Create a learning ecosystem with dashboards for users' managers, coaches, class instructors, community facilitators, and team leaders. Each dashboard shows just the commands and reports needed for users to do their jobs.

User Management

Synchronize your user list with your HRIS system or add users via spreadsheet (or one-by-one if you prefer). Add users to groups to automatically give them permissions to courses, or create rules that assign courses to their learning plans by their organizational role.

Robust Reporting

Over 50 reports allow you to track performance on courses, tests, and surveys, learning resource utilization, community participation, user roles, and system performance. Specific reports appear to administrators, managers, instructors, team leaders, coaches, and facilitators - depending on their job function.

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