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We are no longer making the Q2 Learning System.

Learning Paths

Learning paths provide an intuitive, graphic representation of the process and flow that learners will experience. Indicators show learners which activities are in progress and complete, while all resources used anywhere in the learning path can be accessed from a central place (as well as within the appropriate activity).

Integrate Content and Social Learning

Learning paths integrate any type of electronic content (pdfs, videos, SCORM objects, Office documents) with same time and any time social activities such as web meetings and forums. All learner activity - including participation in social activities - is tracked.

Self-paced or Cohort Based

Pre-requisites can be used to channel learners into a specific process, or learning paths can be self-paced. If social learning is incorporated, learners can be managed in cohorts that go through the process together. Learning paths can then be combined to create curricula for on-boarding, leadership, sales training, etc.

Coaching and Reinforcement

Learning can be reinforced on the job with coached assignments. Coaches see visual reports of how learners are progressing through the learning path, and can provide coaching for their dashboard or by responding to email notifications.

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