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We are no longer making the Q2 Learning System.


With Q2 Learning System 6, you can create any number of communities that allow groups of learners to share best practices, work together as an online team, or complete action learning projects.

Seamless User Experience

Q2 Learning System 6 provides a single user interface, a single authentication, and a single search. And it's the same interface they use for their other learning activities.

Integrate with Daily Workflow

Users can not only read new forum, blog and wiki postings when checking their email throughout the day; by replying to emails, they can post back to the social media - without needing to take the time to log into the community.

It's All About People

The secret to a community's success is having interesting people talking about interesting things. At the end of the day, it's all about people getting to know people. That's why Q2 Learning System 6 makes it easy to see who's online now, what they look like, where they work, and how to reach them. With Q2 Learning System 6, the user experience is one of being with other people – not anonymous content.

Facilitation Made Easy

Facilitators can monitor community health as well as individual participation from a central dashboard. If security is a concern, moderated discussions allow facilitators to see and approve posts before they are made visible, or edit/delete them after the fact. To keep conversations on track, facilitators can move, copy, or link posts or entire discussions where they belong, or promote discussion room posts to the community blog.

Single Point of Administration

Q2 Learning System 6's role-based management means that assigning a user to a group automatically provides them access to all the social media, communities, forums, feeds, blogs, and content libraries they need, while at the same time assigning them to the learning resources and blended learning courses they require.

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