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We are no longer making the Q2 Learning System.


Your Q2 Learning System will be delivered with your logo, your colors, and your graphic elements. Widgets will be chosen to provide a "just the facts", corporate communication, or social user experience.


If you are working with several organization units, or multiple external customers, you can use domains to partition the LMS so that users see the branding, widgets, and course catalog appropriate to them. If desired, the system can be set up with self service portals that allow users to create their own accounts and see the appropriate domain. In addition, users see prompts, reports, and notifications in their chosen languages.


You can define courses as "products" that can be listed in an eCommerce catalog - either individually or as part of a package. Users can purchase products using a variety of payment options, and then access just the courses they have purchased, for the amount of time you specify.

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