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We are no longer making the Q2 Learning System.

Knowledge Bases

Knowledge bases provide a performance support system that is persistently available to quickly answer performers' questions about policies, procedures, guidelines, and best practices as they work through complex business processes day to day.

Maps to the Work Flow

Users access the performance support system via a simple interface that features an expandable menu that maps to their workflow process, and a search feature designed to show just the relevant pages with no extraneous "hits".

Knowledge, Not Data

Once at a page, the user does not see a huge list of files they need to wade through. Instead, the user sees the information they need to do their job, consistently presented via a template that allows them to quickly spot what they need: step-by-step procedures, trouble-shooting guidelines, etc.

Social Performance Support

Relevant resources (along with their ratings) are presented on the right of the page. But more than these files, Q2 Learning System 6 allows you to link every eLearning module that is relevant to that page. And the profiles of experts on that topic. And links to specific forum topics that let users give a “shout out” to colleagues. And wiki pages to build additional community knowledge. Performance support is not simply about dusty content any more.

Easy Administration

Content managers populate pages with rich text editors and drop-downs that link to other Q2 Learning System resources, without having to learn HTML. Designers create the menu with a drag and drop interface, while administrators are warned when pages are about to expire and need to be reviewed.

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